Construction Projects

Civil construction

The company implemented many construction projects and in perfect form, depending on company long experience and efficiency of engineers and specialists developed cadre, and the honesty and sincerity was always the slogan of work and the speed of achievement. And the company implemented many buildings, roads, bridges and electricity and mechanics works, with its advanced and medern system accredited on the modern mechanization. Below some of the projects completed by the company:


i Project Name Project Location Client
1 Construction of stores Construction Zakho UN-WHO
2 Facility upgrade project for Feshkhabor camp Construction Zakho USACE
3 Construction of 2 castles and drilling deep well Construction Zakho USACE
4 Feshkhbor motor pool Construction Zakho USACE
5 Farmer security building Construction Dohuk UN-WHO
6 student hostel Construction Dohuk Dohuk Governorate
7 Countre road Construction Dohuk Dohuk Governorate
8 Warehouse of doe Construction Dohuk Dohuk Governorate
9 Road tunnels and concert Bilge Construction Dohuk Dohuk Governorate
10 Women federation building Construction Dohuk Dohuk Governorate
11 Primary school 12 class Construction Dohuk Dohuk Governorate
12 Primary school 12 class Construction Sarsang Dohuk Governorate
13 Primary school 12 class Construction Omadya Dohuk Governorate
14 Construction of begat irrigation channel Construction Bamarny Dohuk Governorate
15 Construction of Bebawa irrigation channel Construction Sowaratoka FAO
16 Construction of Ashan irrigation channel Construction Ashany FAO
17 Construction of Mahaty and Merseda irrigation channel Construction Mahaty FAO
18 Construction of stores Construction Dohuk FAO