Havkar company:

The founder of Havkar Company had lived and exercised construction works since 1986 under the registration of the identity of Iraqi Contractors from the Planning Ministry of Iraqi under the number (1688) in 24/2/1986, This exercising was a good ground for founding the company in 2001 where extend it experiency and efficiency. And the Company established in 4 / 7 / 2001 by a certificate of incorporation numbered 412 issued by the Ministry of Finance and the Directorate of companies registration.

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Havkar company operates in the following activities:
  1. General Contracting:
    which consist of activities of constructions, expansion and demolition of buildings of all kinds, and construction of roads, bridges, airports, dams, reservoirs and irrigation and drainage projects, water and sewage projects and all construction works.
  2. Contracting of electrical and mechanical materials
    including installation of equipment and machines and power station, telephone exchanges, towers and structures under the identity of mineral and classification numbered (560) in 10/3/2008 issued by the Ministry of Planning.
  3. General Trading (Import and Export):
    Serving the public interest and to provide the highest quality materials and good prices, our company by its commercial department promped to import industrial, electrical, mechanical and construction materials and food from the world, such as European countries, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and China.
  4. Holland Bazar:
    After a realized studying, on the needs of the local markets, to goods of a world-class, from food to luxury, Havkar Group’s management decided to open a set of markets with the name of Holland's Bazar, with high specifications, for the needs of the local markets. In addition to that, it has established an import and export company in Netherlands for this purpose, and it won the approval and admiration of the citizens.
  5. Gold Trading:
    The company opened a special shop for trading gold and precious metals and its industries in (Bira Building) in the Dohuk to handle importing and trading of gold from UAE, Turkey and India, under the official identity no. (3333) in 20/12/2006.
  6. Marble and GraniteTrading:
    For the relationship of the mentioned materials with the work of the construction company, the Group's management has allocation spaces in Sumeal, on international borders. The company has good interests in importing and distribution of alabaster with its various types, tiles, ceramics, as well as granite, where it imports from Turkiya and Europe, and distributs it in all Iraqi provinces, and we received a good imprestion and goodwill for rare good qualities of marble.
  7. Handiwork Equipments:
    The group is trading with European brands handwork equipments; from Germany and Netherland, and importing and distributing it in local Iraqi markets. Our work has won the admiration of the specialists in those fields for the quality and the level of resistance of these equipments to the weather conditions in Iraq.
  8. Havkar Curtains:
    The Group has opened a trading shop for import and supplying of curtains, with western models and designs, as well as best types of fabrics from UAE and Turkey, together with European Aluminum (from Germany). The company offers the most beautiful modern designs from Turkish experts.
  9. Cooling Systems:
    The group has dealt with latest cooling systems in the world, from refrigerators of conserving materials, and preparing refrigerated warehouses, and dealing with the best laboratories from Turkey and UAE.
  10. Cigarette trade:
    Given the importance of the location of Kurdistan region that adjacent to Iranian, Turkish, and Syrian border, the company involved in cigarette trading, with different kinds of cigarette, transiting them to the neighboring countries, as well as processing all other provinces.